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You will have to walk for 1 km to reach the nearest hamlets, drive for 4 kms for a bottle of aerated water and 65 km for a mc burger. We are that far away from civilization and thus makes us that closer to nature. Like a chameleon we have done our best to blend in with the surrounding landscape. You are safe and away from the buzz.

Our space and infrastructure has been specifically designed for artist, writers, yogis and all those who wish to work for longer period of time while getting inspiration from nature. 



Through our Work from Nature program you can continue working or practicing your form of art while living off-grid. 

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Writers/Theatre groups can find our open cafeteria a perfect place to connect with each other and prepare for their projects.

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Artists/Yogis can conduct workshops which would set others on the path of artistic/self realization journey

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Residency period could range from 10 days up to 100 days. 

Visual Art ( painter, performing artist, installation artists, site specific artist, video art ), Literature, Educational Program, Wood carving, Pottery,  Photography, Film Making, Architecture, Research, Yoga trainers, Spiritual programs, Cultural Exchanges and working on the farm are some of the programs you can apply for.

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