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 Farm Stay

Our farm ain't a fancy 'resort'. It is a way of life in sync with local landscape, community and culture. It is a space designed to unlearn, explore and rejuvenate. A platform to connect artists, experimenters, professionals with the local tribal community to create innovative sustainable solutions and possibilities for the  region. 

The  "Red Brick Cottage' & 'Yellow Stone Cottage'  are twin cottages. Apart from these two cottages we have our cafeteria, studio space, our house on the premises & yes the magnificent lake.
Each of the twin cottage is a comfortable & spaciously designed space for 4 adults/family. Each of the twin cottages can comfortably accommodate up to 4-6 adults. Each section of the twin cottage has an attic, a living room, a changing space, a washroom, sit our area  and a  separate entrance. Each has a queen bed on the attic. The two sections are also connected by a lockable door. Thus a twin cottage can be shared between two
families or couples.