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 Farm Stay

Our farm ain't a fancy 'resort'. It is a way of life in sync with local landscape, community and culture. It is a space designed to unlearn, explore and rejuvenate. A platform to connect artists, experimenters, professionals with the local tribal community to create innovative sustainable solutions and possibilities for the  region. 

  ~  COTTAGES  ~
The  "Red Brick Cottage' & 'Yellow Stone Cottage'  are twin cottages. Apart from these two cottages we have our cafeteria, studio space, our house on the premises & yes the magnificent lake.
Each of the twin cottage is a comfortable & spaciously designed space for 4 adults/family. Each of the twin cottages can comfortably accommodate up to 4-6 adults. Each section of the twin cottage has an attic, a living room, a changing space, a washroom, sit our area  and a  separate entrance. Each has a queen bed on the attic. The two sections are also connected by a lockable door. Thus a twin cottage can be shared between two
families or couples.

Yellow Stone Cottage

Red Brick Cottage

Farm fresh vegetables and herbs are sorted to create a homemade recipe which would not only cater to your taste buds but will  also rejuvenate your body. 

Freshly baked loaf of bread and cookies  would be part for your breakfast and high tea..

We are yet to initiate 'the process' of making our own gourmet artisan cheese. Which would also be part of freshly baked pizzas..




Freshly cooked farm food is what we serve. We would be happy to customize it for you with prior notice.

It's not only about the destination. All the routes to our farm are equally interesting and unique. 

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